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Outsource your RCM Operations to MedICD for Faster Reimbursements

MedICD's Full-Suite of Services

As a top medical billing company, MedICD provides comprehensive and affordable healthcare billing services across the US. Our services include the following:

Why Work With Us?

Medicd Claims is a leading medical billing company providing comprehensive RCM solution at cost-effective rates.

  • Less Than 1% Rejections
  • 99% Claim Acceptance Rate
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant Process
  • Starts From 2.95% Of Monthly Collections
  • Robust Practice Medical Billing Audits
  • Enhance Cash Flow And Reduce Billing Errors

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EHR Flexible Physician Billing Services For All Specialties

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Transforming Healthcare

MedICD provides innovative health information systems and services that are transforming healthcare sectors around the globe.

Upper Management

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are responsible for managing the administrative and clinical aspects of their operations.

Always With You

We are one of the best solution providers for all your billing needs. Our staff is available over a week to take care of your practice’s billing.


MedICD's expert team ensures up-to-date healthcare knowledge and boosts revenue through tailored billing strategies, backed by strong insurance connections.

Our Achievements

We have helped hundreds of practices increase their revenue by optimizing their collections & utilizing government programs since 2022.

Our Mission

Here at MedICD, we’re transparent about our work and our internal goals which match our employees personal values, which is based on hard work, honesty and integrity.

RCM Solutions For Maximum Reimbursement

Medicd Claims is reimagining the established order of the medical billing industry by offering RCM for physician practices and billing services starting from as low as 2.95% of monthly revenue generated. Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services provides an approach by allowing our professional billers to manage back-office operational processes of your clinic securely and precisely straight through the application.

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Our medical billing starts from @2.95% of your monthly collections.