MedICD medical billing and coding service provide an easy and reliable way to outsource medical billing and convert patient data into billing codes effectively.

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The physician credentialing service from MedICD is very useful in keeping away from late submission of healthcare claims, wasting time, filing restrictions, and losing money

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Ample independent physicians could integrate EHR into their offices because of meaningful use. A lot of things have changed since 2015.

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MedICD Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is of service to you to earn every dollar for each visit. We revolutionize the status of The medical business by offering integrated processes

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Advance and Convenient

Medical Billing services

We perform every task of your medical billing service in a professional manner, including coding, billing, reviewing claims for clearing houses, and anything else that results in a first-time claim acceptance. No more will you have to face delayed payments.

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Credentialing Services

The physician credentialing service from MedICD is very useful in keeping away from late submission of healthcare claims, wasting time, filing restrictions and losing money.

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Revenue Cycle Management

To ensure payment posting and meticulous execution of the stages involved in medical billing, we take care of collections and revenue cycle management inconsistencies. Thanks to our automated practice management system, each clinician may manage their funds effortlessly.


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Attention to Details

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MedICD medical billing & coding prioritizes medical reimbursements and rejections at a very high rate. Our workplace environment allows full transparent communication with the clients and MedICD HIPPA and CMS certified Employees/Billers.

Committed to Providing Practice Management Assistance

It might be difficult for physicians to manage all the diverse needs of each specialization at once. Every attempt is made by MEDICD to improve and streamline your billing performance. Dedicated staff members that receive ongoing training in line with industry updates make it simple to handle your daily finances and have a long-term impact on revenue cycle management.The benefits your medical practice can receive from using our expert billing and coding services can lead to new growth opportunities. With us, you’ll enter a system where payer reimbursements are made more promptly, and there are fewer rejections.

A HIPPA-Compliant Billing

Outsource medical billing to prioritize patients
Submitting claims, using a clearinghouse, and paying providers are collectively referred to as medical billing. Regardless of your medical practice size, we’ll handle the administrative burden on your behalf to hasten the collection process.

  • MEDICD strengthens your RCM process and demonstrates HIPAA compliance.
  • More than 500 grateful physicians attest to our value and knowledge.
  • Goals for streamlining the medical practice with tested billing solutions


It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


Physician, Raynav Family Medicine
I transitioned into a private practice hence I did not have prior experience with medical billing or credentialing. MedICD was an excellent choice for getting me credentialed with insurances. Nabeel was always available for any questions I had. I am grateful to MedICD and Nabeel in helping me setup my practice.”


The team at MedICD have been amazing. We had a previous biller than was awful and our claims were not getting paid. We switched to MedICD and have never looked back. Their customer service is amazing. They are super responsive, working well with my team as well as making sure we get paid by the insurance company. You can never go wrong with MedICD.”


What do our smallest patient say?

Customers’ opinions are important to us, so they should be to you. As we are partners in your organization, your success is also our success. It’s the same as having to take care of our own home when it comes to billing for your practice. This is the degree of significance we have according to our customers.


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