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Trusted Full-Service Medical Billing Company

MedICD is a professional medical billing company offering the USA’s most cost-effective and profitable billing services. We are a revenue cycle management company offering affordable billing solutions for the entire RCM life cycle – from Eligibility Verification to Denial Management. To make our services the best choice for your practice, we offer flexible and affordable medical billing services plans starting from as low as 2.8 percent.

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MedICD's Full-Suite of Services

Outsource your RCM Operations to MedICD for Faster Reimbursements

As a top medical billing USA company, MedICD provides comprehensive and affordable healthcare billing services. Our services include the following:

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Medical Billing

Medical billing has to be effective in order to ensure prompt reimbursement. Medical errors may result in delayed payments of medical claims. In this regard, our billing specialists at MedICD ensure that medical facilities are reimbursed by patients and payers appropriately within the given context.

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It is necessary to credential as well as contract in case of creation of healthcare organization and forming connections between insurance policy providers, insurers, and patients. MedICD specialise in insurance contract negotiations and keeping their payers informed to help you to realise best payment return.

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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Management is a top priority. We proactively identify outstanding payments owed to the provider or healthcare facility and diligently pursue patients or payors for unpaid balances. We work diligently to engage with patients and payers to resolve any unpaid balances promptly.

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Practice Management

Practice Management is crucial for healthcare facilities. It streamlines operations, optimizing patient care and revenue cycles. MedICD offers comprehensive Practice Management solutions, enhancing efficiency and fostering growth in medical practices. Partner with us today in your journey!

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Denial Management

Healthcare providers receive important denial management services through MedICD. Medical practices benefit from our focus on remedying claim denials and rejects for an effective revenue collection strategy with minimal costs in the revenue cycle management. Hire us for A/R management and attain higher returns.

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Eligibility Verification

Accurate eligibility and insurance benefits verification is crucial for understanding insurance coverage and reimbursements. Our qualified team at MedICD acts as your perfect partner, verifying each patient's eligibility and benefits and always ensuring that you receive proper payment for the services provided by your healthcare facility.

Top Medical Billing Company Offering Custom Solutions

MedICD has been a trusted billing partner offering medical billing services in the US for over two decades. We are one of the best healthcare billing provider companies, empowering healthcare practices to achieve better financial outcomes and RCM. Our complete suite billing specialist services offer flexible scheduling, accurate reporting, and expert partner services.

Outsource to MedICD - An Affordable Third-Party Medical Billing Company

MedICD is a third-party medical billing company offering affordable RCM and billing services near you. Our team combines process enhancement with industry-leading experience. We take partner practices in a new era of quality healthcare. Partnering with us brings your practice to a better financial position, along with meeting top compliance standards. 

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Why Choose Us

MedICD Works as an Extension of Your Staff

As your partner medical billing company, we work alongside you as an extension of your staff. While we take care of your financial and revenue management, you get to focus on what’s most important – your patients. Your practice physicians, front-desk staff, nurses, and techs serve a purpose in your practice. That is to work together as a team and offer the absolute best care to patients – we help you do just that while taking your stress off financial matters.

Why Should Your Practice Outsource Medical Billing Services to MedICD?

MedICD is your trusted partner for top-tier medical billing services. Our unwavering commitment to your success fuels exponential growth. As a reliable medical billing company, we prioritize your revenue cycle management (RCM), offering unmatched support. Experience RCM excellence with MedICD’s dedicated and unparalleled approach. Join us in elevating your success story today.

Benefits of Outsourcing to MedICD

Decrease in Costs

Choose MedICD's outsourced medical billing services for significant cost savings. Pay just 2.8% on your monthly collections and keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Enhanced Revenue

MedICD, a top medical billing company, ensures prompt and precise claims processing. Our expertise reduces rejections and denials, optimizing your billing cycle effectively.

Faster Payments

Dependable medical billing with ERAs ensures swift, efficient processing across all carriers, ensuring reduced turnaround times, efficient processing across all carriers.

 Remove Billing and Compliance Errors with Our Professional Medical Billing Services

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