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Your Privacy is our Priority

MedICD is a health IT firm that provides medical professionals with a platform for managing their clinical information and simplifying the revenue process (“MedICD Services”). Our primary goal is our pledge to be open regarding the information we collect as well as the way it is used and to whom it is given.
To be used in the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “personal data’ refers to any information that allows individuals can be identified as identifiable as a person, such as a name address, address, e-mail addresses phone number, internet identifiers location data, and any other information classified as personal data pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) (“Personal Data”).
This Privacy Policy is applicable to all users of MedICD’s website (“You”) MedICD website (“or in the case of the context “Your”) which has personal information collected and used by MedICD. The Privacy Policy is designed to allow you to know how MedICD collects, processes, and discloses Your Personal Data.
Categories of Data Processed
  • Data You Provide

While using MedICD’s website, you may provide MedICD site, can submit and MedICD could process information regarding Your practice or you. This might include Your name, schedule information including office address email address, telephone number, credit card number, and fax numbers or NPI. The information you provide is used only by our team to communicate with You with regard to the delivery of MedICD Services.

  • Cookies and Other Technologies Similar to Cookies

When you browse the MedICD website, we get your URL, which is the website you came from. We also receive information about Your IP address proxy server operating system, browser, and add-ons as well as your visit time devices identifiers and features as well as your mobile provider or ISP. Cookies are used to collect information and similar technologies to track and record your usage and use of MedICD website. The information collected is utilized by MedICD to analyze and improve its marketing methods.


We are always looking for methods to enhance our site. This could require the gathering of new data and innovative methods of using Personal Data. If we are able to collect significantly other Personal Data or materially change how we handle Your Personal Data, MedICD reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy in accordance with the changes and post this on the website.

  • Data Sharing

MedICD might share your personal data with our Research and Development Center (the “Center”) for the purpose of helping improve and analyze our marketing and website strategies as well as the way we use them. MedICD has signed complete privacy agreements and confidentiality in conjunction with the Center to ensure that Your Personal Data remains secure throughout the time. MedICD could provide information that is anonymous about you that will not permit the identification of you or to be contacted (‘Aggregate Data’) to third parties. For instance, we may provide third parties with information about the number of people who use our website as well as the actions they engage in while using our site.

We may disclose Your Personal Data as part of a merger, sale, or other change in control or as part of the preparation in advance of any such situations in the event that your Personal Data will continue to be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Any entity that acquires us or a portion of our company will be granted the option of using Personal Data, but only in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise agreed to by You.

  • Mandatory Disclosures

MedICD may share the information you provide to us Personal Data when we believe in the good conviction that disclosure is required under law or legal procedure, or in the event that we have a solid belief that disclosure is necessary to

  1. Examine and prevent actions against actual or suspected illegal activities, or cooperate with public or government agencies;
  2. Enforce our contractual obligations;
  3. Protect and defend ourselves against any third-party assertions or claims;
  4. Maintain the integrity or security of MedICD Services;
  5. Ensure the security and integrity of MedICD Services and
  6. Ensure the rights and security of MedICD its employees and all others.

MedICD will use reasonable efforts to inform You of any legal demand regarding the use of your Personal Data when appropriate in our judgment, except when restricted to do so by legislation or court orders or if the request is urgent. We are able to contest such requests in the event that we believe, at our sole discretion, that the requests are too broad, vague, or are not backed by the appropriate authority, however, we do not guarantee to contest every demand.

  • Your Rights
  1. Right to Elimination

You may request us to remove the Personal Data maintained by MedICD in exchange for a valid request. We will, however, retain Your Personal Data for the time necessary to meet with state or federal data retention laws or other laws that are applicable.

2. Right to Access

We can grant you information about Your Personal Data maintained by MedICD subject to the submission of a valid request.

3. Other Rights

We can identify the various types of your Personal Data collected by MedICD. You may also ask us to give you the names of any third parties (if they exist) to which your Personal Data has been disclosed.

4. Contact

If you have any questions or requests regarding your rights under this agreement you can contact us at [email protected] or contact the number +1 (866)-461-4545.

5. Non-Discrimination

As long as the law allows it, we do not discriminate against You when exercising any of the rights in this

  • Privacy Policy for example:
  1. You may be denied the goods or services you need
  2. Offer you various rates or prices for products or services by offering reductions or any other advantages or imposing penalties.
  3. Give you better quality or quantity of goods or services,
  4. Request that you be offered a different cost or charge for the same item or service or a higher or lower quality of services or goods.
  5. But, be aware that certain features on our site are not functional without your Personal Data.
  • Selling of Information

MedICD doesn’t sell Your Personal Data.

  • Other Important Information
  1. Minors

MedICD website is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 16. MedICD site isn’t designed to be used by anyone under the age of 16. By accessing this website, you represent that you are over the age of 16 years old.

2. Updates in the privacy policy

MedICD has the discretion to change its Privacy Policy at any time. You agree that the continued use of the MedICD website after we have published or notified you of the changes, we have made to this Privacy Policy indicates that the use, collection, and disclosure of Your Personal Data is subject to the latest Privacy Policy.

  • Contact Information

If you have any concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy, you can contact Our Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]


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