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MedICD is the world’s best medical billing company in the USA. We are here to provide the best practices in coding and medical billing for all specialties. Our certified and expert team of medical billers and coders provides effective and top-quality services for as low as 2.8% for all specialties that improve the management of revenue cycles for medical practices without violating HIPAA rules.

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Who We Serve?

MedICD is a well-known medical billing firm serving various companies ranging from big healthcare centres to small practices. Whether you are a vibrant healthcare centre or a specialized solo practice, our experience and expertise are your gateways to making effective RCM and maximizing revenue. We offer a complete revenue cycle management solution, including coding and verification services, claims submission and tracking, payment posting and follow-up, patient billing, and collections. We aim to remove the guesswork from outsourced billing and help you save time and money.

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Why Choose Us for Medical Billing Services?

As a professional medical billing services provider, MedICD understands the importance of having an expert team of coders who follow the best practices according to the healthcare industry’s rules and regulations. We have expert coders and trained medical billers in our team who use the latest technology to avoid claim denials. As medical billing service providers, we offer customized insurance and patient billing services, healthcare recovery assistance, and practice management solutions to organizations of all types and sizes.

What can MedICD Do for Your Practice?

  • Save you Time, and let you Focus on Core Areas
  • Dramatically Reduce Excessive Paperwork
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Cost-Effective Billing and Coding Solutions

MedICD will not only minimize your financial burdens, but we, as professionals, we try to improve your overall revenue cycle management operations. We ensure this to our all medical billing clients across the USA. Just as you are the best at your work, we are the best at our work. To work with us, you will get true benefits from our services because we are best as we do more focus on patient care, reduce administrative duties, enhance cash flow, reduce billing errors, improve patient satisfaction, secure patient data, and billing compliance, and process claims faster. So, choose MedICD for efficient, expert, and cost-effective medical billing services in the USA that simplify your practice and increase your revenue.

Key Components

How Effective Medical Billing Services Work?

Medical Billing and Coding Services are vital in managing and expanding medical practices. Effective medical billing and management services require innovative medical software to simplify practice management and patient engagement, including scheduling patients, handling claims submissions, payment posting, and AR management. Thus, our free medical billing software allows you to manage patient data, enhance patient volume, improve practice profitability, boost collection rates, and decrease disputed claims. It’s essential to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations by safeguarding patients’ protected health information and maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

In addition, MedICD can play an important role in the success of your medical practices. We are reliable medical billing service providers offering customized and cost-effective billing and coding solutions to our clients to ensure their practice’s growth. With our effective services, you can save time and money and focus on treating your patients.



Medical billing and coding is the process of converting patient charts and clinical data to medical claims, which are then submitted to payers for reimbursement.

Charge Entry & Payment Posting

We enter your demographic and payment details daily to process your claims. We also promptly verify ERAs and EOBs to keep your account up to date, delivering excellent outcomes.

Patient Declarations

We create a statement and send it to the patient to display the outstanding balance when all payers’ payments have been validated as being appropriate. Displaying any outstanding balances for your convenience.

Submission of Claims and Scrubbing

We send a statement to patients once we've confirmed accurate payments from all payers, displaying outstanding balances for your convenience, after necessary corrections.

Appeals and Follow-Up

When a payment is denied, our A/R specialists work to fix the issue and process the overdue payment. our A/R experts swiftly rectify the problem and handle overdue processing. Our A/R experts swiftly resolve the issue.

Reliable Medical Billing Services from MedICD

The following are some of the advantages of our Medical Billing in healthcare:

Enhance Patient Care Experience

MedICD modernizes every aspect of your practice administration while streamlining billing, removing burdensome administrative tasks, and increasing income and efficiency. Our commitment to effective billing is demonstrated by increased revenue and profit margins for your organization. We focus on key areas of billing and the revenue cycle to eliminate income leakage, allowing you to devote more time to providing high-quality care to patients.

Our medical billing and management services are designed to meet the needs of your practice and provide you with the best ROI possible. Trust MedICD to provide you with the best physician Billing services to save time and money while focusing on treating your patients.


Denied Claims

When the revenue cycle is optimized, and errors in the system are eliminated, the denial rate is automatically reduced. Our RCM process reduces the mistakes in progress payments and corrects the errors to reduce the denial rate. Read more about Denial Management In Medical Billing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To bill the VA for medical services, submit accurate claims with proper coding and documentation through their designated process


Medical billers convert your rendered services practice into systematized codes and add them to medical claims. After that, they submit these claims to insurance companies or other payers. So that, your practice is reimbursed for its services.

Billing a Medicaid patient for non-covered services is generally not allowed. Medicaid regulations typically prohibit providers from billing patients for services that are not covered by the Medicaid program. It’s important to familiarize yourself with Medicaid guidelines and seek proper reimbursement channels for covered services.


To bill MedICD for home care services, ensure patient eligibility, document services accurately, use correct codes, complete the claim form with documentation, and monitor claim status for timely reimbursement.


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