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MIPS Final Rule 2023

The program has undergone significant adjustments due to the new legislation, according to consultants at MedICD. Clinicians must adhere to the rules to the fullest extent possible this year to prevent fines and quality score decreases in the future. The minimum performance level is now 75 points.
To keep track of developments that could affect their MIPS 2023 compliance, doctors and practice managers should read the ensuing handout. The new regulation has been made simpler by MEDICD consultants so that our member practices can compete successfully for a high MIPS score.

Maximize MIPS registry compliance

Joining our MIPS registry will help you maximize MIPS compliance with the least amount of work. For the practices of our member organizations to receive extraordinary bonus reimbursements while lowering their risk of fines, our consulting team will assist in data analysis and the selection of high-performing measures.
You can get the most out of MIPS reporting with the aid of our integrated MIPS registry. Member practices receive frequent legislative updates and training to ensure maximum compliance. Member practices have attested with maximum scores and have surpassed performance threshold requirements for 2021 reporting.

  • Member practices have improved by an average of 24.5 points in their score.
  • The biggest point increase was 47.75


Clinicians may find it challenging to keep up with ongoing program law changes. MIPS has recently become complicated and can make it challenging to avoid negative payment adjustments due to new measurements, point benchmarks, and performance criteria. Clinicians frequently experience difficulty putting new program requirements into practice, and failing to do so might result in a 9% reduction in reimbursement.
A group of highly qualified advisors is provided to MEDICD member practices, assisting them in exceeding program reporting criteria. Our advisers are with you every step of the way, from measure selection to final data submission, during the MIPS process. Due to this agreement, member practices of MEDICD have been reimbursed for performance bonuses of approximately $66 million.


MedICD medical billing company is aware of the requirements for reporting each MIPS performance category because reporting for each of them is required for a certain time period. We are more than just a medical billing provider, and we have successfully implemented PQRS in the past.
The simplest way to submit MIPS data as a plastic surgeon, dentist, orthopaedic, pediatric, family medicine doctor, physical therapist, urologist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, nephrologist, neurologist, pain specialist, optometrist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, chiropractor, pathologist, cardiothoracic surgeon, radiologist, physiologist, gynaecologist, obstetrician, rheumatologist,

 Full Service Throughout the Year

Join our registry as a partner to receive service for the entire program year. All different kinds of practices, including solo practices, multi-speciality groups, and ACOs, have been worked with by us. Our ability to deliver MIPS service across all client sizes is made possible by our 200 years of combined MIPS experience, which spans over 30 specialities.
To ensure complete compliance with ever-changing statutory requirements, we continually communicate with the practices of our member organizations. Regular biweekly meetings are held to examine the status of our members’ progress toward their objectives and to provide advice and in-depth training on areas that need improvement. Our assistance goes beyond just submitting data; it also includes assisting our members with any upcoming MIPS audits. Audits may be terrifying,

Collaborating with medical professionals across all fields and EHRs

No of your speciality or experience with the EHR, we are here to assist you. The MIPS metrics for all categories and all specializations are areas of expertise for our advisors. We possess the expertise, breadth, and knowledge necessary to properly teach clinicians and your team to achieve all criteria and surpass performance thresholds. To make sure that our registry is always in compliance with new program requirements, we frequently review CMS legislation. We are here to ensure that all of our member practices are fully MIPS compliant, and we have done so for six years running with a success rate of 100%.

MIPS 2023 Quality Reporting Steps 

  • Reporting requirements understanding
  • Choosing Quality Measures
  • Collection of data
  • Submission of the data


The Health and Human Services (HHS) division runs the MIPS program. There are four ways that any MIPS-eligible individual can participate. MIPS reporting and data submission through any Qualified Registry is one of them. MedICD is useful for Medicare providers with varied specialities because it is a tried-and-true MIPS Qualified Registry. Anyone can employ us to successfully submit MIPS reports to CMS.
A value-based compensation system is greatly welcomed for the current practices because the US healthcare system has transitioned from a fee-for-service payment module to a Payment-for-Performance module.
As consultants in health IT, we think Healthcare MIPS is well-focused and goal-driven. However, it is not always fair to clinicians due to the reporting burden. The administrative burden placed on doctors by the EHR and its onerous list of measures causes them to become exhausted. To lessen the workload, CMS has eliminated some of the measures from MIPS 2022.


You must first select one of the collection types for MIPS data submission. Clinicians can select from a variety of MIPS CQMs (Clinical Quality Measures) while reporting with us. To receive a score of greater than 75, the reporting metrics must be properly validated and verified. The incentives are there, and bonuses will come after.

MIPS with MACRA Explained


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