• Starting at as low as 2.8%
  • Long Island, NY Orlando, Fl
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MedICD Services Package

Medical Billing Packages

Note: The Below Packages are for only Practices/Providers that have Active EMR.

2.8% of Monthly Reimbursement

  • Single/ Multi Specialty Practice with 2+ active Locations
  • 4 or More Providers Including Nurse Practitioners
  • Surgery Practices

3% of Monthly Reimbursement

  • Single Speciality Practice with up to 2 Active Locations
  • Practice with 3 Providers including Nurse Practitioners
  • Solo Provider Practice

Medical Denials Packages

Note: The below Package is for only Denials & Old Aging Package for Practices with Active EMR

6.5% of the Recovered Amount

  • If any Practice with Active EMR chooses MedICD only to work for Denials and Old Collectibles
  • MedICD will charge 6.5% of the Recovered Amount.

Medical Audit Packages

Note: The below Package is for Medical Audit for Practices with Active EMR

$249 Billing Audit Fee

  • For Appointment based audit of any Practice with active EMR, $249 fee will be charged.
  • The fee will be refunded immediately if the Client signup with MedICD for Billing Services.

Medical Credentialing Packages

$200 (Single Insurance)

  • 1 Insurance

$600 (On Promotion)

  • 15 Insurances

$1000 (After Promotion)

  • 15 Insurances

$100 (For Address Updates)

  • Business Address Update service

$150 (For Re-credentialing)

  • Re-credentialing / Re-validation