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Orienting MedICD Service Packages for Specialists

MedICD understands the challenges healthcare providers face in today’s ever-changing healthcare terrain. Our thorough service packages cater to the physicians’ specific needs. We update your operations, maximize your revenue, and reduce the administrative burden on your team. It allows you to focus on patient care easily. Our service packages are thoughtfully designed to encompass solutions to enhance your medical practice performance.

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Avail Stress Free Packages Holding Entire Billing Process

You are not just selecting a service provider by choosing us but opting for a partner invested in your win. However, our service packages include detailed medical billing solutions. From patient registration and insurance verification to claim submission, we take charge of the entire billing cycle.

Our service package also includes tracking and managing denials. Our team understands how crucial timely reimbursements are to your practice’s financial health and ensures meticulous attention to detail at every process step.

Medical Billing Packages

Note: The packages below are for only Practices/Providers that have an Active EMR.

2.8% of Monthly Reimbursement

  • Any Specialty or Practice Sizes, As Long As You Have An Active EMR

Medical Denials Packages

Note: The below Package is for only Denials & Old Aging Package for Practices having an Active EMR.

6.5% of the Blocked Amount

  • If any Practice with Active EMR chooses MedICD only to work for Denials and Old Collectibles
  • MedICD will charge 6.5% of the Blocked Amount.

Medical Audit Packages

Note: The below Package is for Medical Audit for Practices having an Active EMR.

$249 Billing Audit Fee

  • For an Appointment based audit of any Practice with an active EMR, $249 fee will be charged.
  • The fee will be refunded immediately if the Client signup with MedICD for Billing Services.

Medical Credentialing Packages

$200 (For Single Insurance)

  • 1 Insurance

$600 (Before December 31st, 2024)

  • 15 Insurances

$1000 (After December 31st, 2024)

  • 15 Insurances

$100 (For Address Updates)

  • Business Address Update service

$150 (For Re-credentialing)

  • Re-credentialing / Re-validation

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Credentialing With Insurance Networks

It can impact your practice’s patient accessibility and overall earnings. Our credentialing services simplify this complex process and handle everything from initial application submission to continuous follow-up and compliance monitoring. Our team will credential and re-credential your practice with the necessary insurance networks to eliminate potential interruptions. Our service packages include revenue cycle management (RCM) and compliance approval. MedICD improves your cash flow and profitability and meets your practice’s pertinent regulations and measures.

Technology-Driven, Human-Centered Service

Our service packages offer a technology-driven yet human-centered approach to managing your practice’s back-office functions. Our experts leverage the latest healthcare technology to provide efficient and secure solutions while maintaining a personalized touch. However, this perfect blend of technology and expertise ensures the smooth operation of your billing and credentialing processes and an adaptable solution that grows with your profession.


Partner with MedICD

Our service packages are flexible and customizable because every medical practice is unique. So, are you a small practice looking for essential billing support? Or a large medical group needing comprehensive billing, credentialing, and compliance? Our personalized packages fit your necessities. They are competitively priced to offer the best value. So, receive top-notch service with our transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We provide a clear understanding of what you are paying for. Our dedicated support and comprehensive services ensure that your practice’s administrative needs are in capable hands. MedICD allows you to devote more time and resources to provide excellent patient upkeep.

MedICD partners with you in guiding the complexities of medical billing. From your billing process to your compliance and credentialing status maintenance, your success will be reflected in our approach to every aspect of our service. So, let us take the administrative burden off your shoulders. Focus on what you do best. Browse our service packages today and discover how MedICD can transform your medical practice’s administrative operations into a profitable component of your healthcare assistance.

Begin Your Journey with Imperative Data Security of MedICD

All your practice’s information and your patients’ data are handled with the utmost care, with our commitment to data security. Our highest data protection standards implement strong security measures and follow best practices to safeguard your information against any hazards. Hence, this commitment to security is another reason medical practices trust MedICD for their billing and credentialing.

Contact us via our website, email, or a direct ring. Our representative will guide you through an initial consultation to understand your essentials. Our team will integrate our services with your practice’s workflow with a customized proposal. Enjoy a smooth adaptation period and continuous support with us!


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