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MedICD offers pharmacies and Pharmacists an exceptionally affordable medical billing rate to achieve a high turnover of revenue.

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Our Independent Denial Department Ensures Accurate Pharmacy Billing

With our expert billers at MedICD, we can ensure you accurate pharmacy billing the first time due to our independent denial department. This independent insurance denial team, which is in-house, continuously reviews each team member’s random claims throughout the week aggressively. This helps the supervisors know immediately who needs proper training on certain topics related to the work assigned. This has allowed our medical billing department at MedICD thrive tremendously over the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To bill the VA for medical services, submit accurate claims with proper coding and documentation through their designated process

Billing a Medicaid patient for non-covered services is generally not allowed. Medicaid regulations typically prohibit providers from billing patients for services that are not covered by the Medicaid program. It’s important to familiarize yourself with Medicaid guidelines and seek proper reimbursement channels for covered services.

To bill MedICD for home care services, ensure patient eligibility, document services accurately, use correct codes, complete the claim form with documentation, and monitor claim status for timely reimbursement.

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