Modern Health System Smart RCM Solutions.
Providing Innovative Solutions to Today’s Revenue Cycle Challenges


Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with the constantly evolving laws, the transformation to value-based reimbursements, and mergers and consolidations, which provide their own set of problems.
In such circumstances, hospitals prioritize maintaining a profit over caring for their patients. MedICD understands that the primary goal of the hospital is to deliver high-quality care, which is why our revenue cycle specialist works to support the operational and financial aspects of your company.

Solutions for a Smart Revenue Cycle

Since we are aware that no two hospitals or healthcare systems are the same, why choose a generic RCM solution? MedICD is an all-inclusive RCM service that provides specialized solutions that are specific to the requirements of your healthcare system. Our experts in medical revenue cycle management are available around-the-clock to ensure quick collections, and prompt reimbursements, pinpoint all revenue opportunities and handle denied claims. These practices use the MEDICD platform to carry out the best care tasks, enhance patient outcomes, lower operational costs, and provide better care.

What You Can Expect from Us

MedICD has extensive expertise in dealing with healthcare organizations and hospitals. Our staff is made up of experts who are familiar with the struggles and difficulties hospitals and healthcare workers encounter. MedICD is available to offer comprehensive, tailored solutions, whether your business is switching to value-based reimbursements or you require help integrating a recently acquired physician group into your organization’s system.
MedICD is well-known in the healthcare industry and has assisted numerous hospitals and healthcare systems in managing:

  • A/R Follow-up
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Patient Statements
  • Coding
  • Patient Support

Increase revenue by up to 15-20%

  • Our comprehensive approach to revenue cycle management, which is led by a team of professionals, offers a smooth payment cycle to increase your profit margin.

Clean Claims Rate of 98%

  • A skilled staff of claim scrubbers provides error-free, clean claims for quicker payout and much fewer denials/rejections.

Reduce Account Receivable by up to 30%

  • Our committed team specializes in Aging A/R Recovery, and we follow up on all claims regularly to assure prompt payments.

Reporting & Analytics

  • With the help of our data-driven reports, which provide comprehensive healthcare analytics, you can gain a new level of understanding of how your hospital is operating and make wise decisions.

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