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RCM Solution For Maximum Reimbursement

MedICD is reimagining the established order of the medical billing industry by offering RCM for physician practices and billing services starting from as low as 2.8% of generated monthly revenue. Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services allow our professional billers to manage the back-office operational processes of your clinic securely and precisely straight through the application.

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Tailored Solutions for a Smarter Revenue Cycle

We take pride in providing comprehensive, customized solutions that cater to specific demands of your revenue cycle. Our mission is to streamline the process, bolster collections, accelerate reimbursements, and proficiently manage denied claims. Recognizing the significance of timely and precise reimbursements, we strive to be a driving force behind your healthcare facility’s financial prosperity.

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Reporting & Analytics

We provide comprehensive reporting and analytics that give you insights into your revenue cycle performance. Our reports help you make informed decisions about your revenue cycle strategies and identify areas for improvement. MedICD is your trusted partner in revenue cycle management for healthcare facilities. With our expertise, technology, and commitment to exceptional results, we can help you optimize your revenue cycle and achieve financial success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can customize a solution for your unique needs.

What can MedICD Do for Your Practice?

  • Save you Time and let you Focus on Core Areas
  • Dramatically Reduce Excessive Paperwork
  • Ensuring Full and Swift Payments
  • Constant Follow-Ups
  • Instantaneous Access to all Portals

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Complete Revenue Cycle Management For Physician Practices

We understand that implementing new revenue cycle technology can appear to be a challenge. Whatever your existing systems are, our low-cost technology is consistent and quickly gets up and operating. Our RCM for physician practices and medical billing solutions allows you to manage Commercial and Government payments in one location, allowing you to remove the hassle of multiple systems. Provide your employees with user-friendly solutions that will make their work easier and their processes more productive.

Key Components

Outsource Your Revenue Cycle With Our RCM Experts

As they say, “the right man for the right job” can actually play a massive role in making something a big success. The same goes for revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices. There are a number of physician revenue cycle management experts present in the industry who are perfectly willing to provide RCM billing services to medical practices at a fraction of the overall claim reimbursements. However, one needs to know what revenue cycle management is and where one can find the best services in one place.

The answer is “MedICD,” which is a medical billing company operating in the United States with offices all over the country and catering to 50+ specialties. With a claim reimbursement rate of approx. 99%, we have the right human resources to ensure that your medical practice has a smooth workflow and is consistently growing with time. Hence, you can contact our revenue cycle experts and start your medical billing journey with us anytime. 



Medical billing and coding is the process of converting patient charts and clinical data to medical claims, which are then submitted to payers for reimbursement.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (AR) is the money owed to Providers or medical billing companies for the medical care rendered to patients. Every business must track and obtain their A/R during the medical billing process.

Credentialing Service

Credentialing is the primary step to consider for physician practices. This process gets you enrolled in a provider network of an insurance company. Only verified insurance companies include healthcare providers to serve their customers.

Denied Claims Management

The denied claims management process gives an understanding of the claim's issues and an opportunity to fix them. We take care of your denied claims and attain the highest reimbursement rates.

Payment Posting

Payment posting, also known as cash posting, allows the viewing of payments while providing a snapshot of the practices of the financial picture by making it easy to identify problems and resolve them quickly.

MedICD Has Transformed The Billing Industry With Efficient Revenue Cycle Management.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the approach to managing a healthcare provider’s entire revenue cycle and ensuring no delays due to repetitive tasks or revenue collection leakage. The Revenue cycle management for physician practices begins with the patient planning a visit, gathering personal information, receiving medical care, and concluding with payment to the care services provider.

Privileges for Partner Practices at MedICD

Following are some of the key benefits you can expect by outsourcing to us:

What You Can Expect from Us

When you choose MedICD for your revenue cycle management needs, you can expect exceptional results. Our expert staff is dedicated to helping you achieve financial success by optimizing your revenue cycle. We are available to offer comprehensive, tailored solutions whether your business is switching to value-based reimbursements or you require help integrating a recently acquired physician group into your organization’s system.

MedICD is well-known in the healthcare industry and has assisted numerous hospitals and healthcare systems in managing:

  1. A/R Follow-up
  2. Revenue Cycle Management
  3. Enrollment Verification
  4. Patient Statements
  5. Coding
  6. Patient Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Provider credentialing is a process of establishing and verifying the qualifications of licensed medical providers. Furthermore, it also involves accessing their legitimacy and background.

The process involves the following:

  • Verification of Licenses
  • Verifying malpractice insurance
  • Verifying college degrees
  • Background Checks

Outsourcing the credentialing process can help medical practices avoid losing money due to denied or delayed reimbursements. Furthermore, outsourcing the process means your medical staff has additional time to focus on patient care.

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