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About Us

Why Choose MedICD for Medical Billing Services in california

About Our Team Experts

At MedICD, our staff is our most prized asset. Besides years of experience in the industry, our team is positively equipped with certified medical billers and coders who are proficient with the latest healthcare regulations. Each one of the members has been handpicked by the administrative staff due to their skills, devotion, and commitment to excellence. Our senior coders have specialized knowledge even in advanced fields of medicine, indicating that even the most complicated cases are approached with precision and care.

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Services whose Primary Focus is to Maximize Revenue

Our services include the broadest possible range of RCM services, customized to fit the changing demands of healthcare providers. 

Dedicated Services

MedICD handles every step of the medical billing and coding process, from initial patient registration to final account resolution. We provide dedicated services in areas such as denial management, compliance audits, and telemedicine billing, among others, all meant to optimize your revenue and costs of operations.

Advanced Analytics and Tools

Advanced analytics and reporting tools ensure that providers are more empowered with insights that drive better decision-making and improved outcomes in patient care.

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Why Choose Us?

Upper Management

We are managing administrative and clinical aspects of operations of all sizes of healthcare organizations. We guarantee that you will find quality services from us.

Always With You

We are one of the best solution providers for all your billing needs. Our staff is always available to handle your billing practices.

Transforming Healthcare

MedICD provides innovative health information systems and services that are transforming healthcare sectors around the globe.

Our Achievements

We have helped hundreds of practices increase their revenue by optimizing their collections & utilizing government programs since 2022. Get Started now.

Our Mission

At MedICD we aim to save your effort and time and provide you with maximum value and return based on the hard work, honesty, and integrity of our team.


MedICD's expert team ensures up-to-date healthcare knowledge and boosts revenue through tailored billing strategies, backed by strong insurance connections.

online medical billing services

Unique Processes and Technological Benefits

MedICD exercises the use of technological advances and up-to-date monitoring processes to make and receive payments, all with the goal of streamlining medical billing and coding accuracy. 

How do we facilitate medical billing?

Our software perfectly fits and integrates with already set EHR systems, ensuring the workflow moves smoothly without the burden of manual data entry. This integration supports eligibility checks and claim status, which can be undertaken with real-time updates that ensure accuracy and effective processing.

How do we minimize the risk of medical billing errors?

Our technology commitment extends to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent claim denials. Over the years, we have noticed that the use of such innovative techniques significantly improves the reimbursement cycle and reduces the risk of medical billing errors.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, MedICD is poised for growth and innovation

Our future initiatives focus on expanding our technological capabilities to include blockchain technology for secure and transparent record-keeping. We aim to broaden our service reach by entering new healthcare markets and adapting our services to meet the challenges of evolving healthcare regulations. MedICD is committed to enhancing the value we deliver to our clients by continually investing in technology and training that support the ever-changing healthcare system. Ultimately, our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading force in healthcare RCM, globally recognized for our efficiency, reliability, and client-centric approach.