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As a busy healthcare professional, managing your credentials can be a daunting task. But MedICD‘s specialized in provider Credentialing services, you can free yourself from the worries of printed material and abstruseness that often come with dealing with insurance companies. MedICD offers unparalleled Medical Billing and Credentialing Services at an affordable price. We go above and beyond to explore this challenging process, and work on behalf of medical specializations and doctors. 

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Provider Credentialing Specialist Services in the USA

Outsource provider credentialing operations to Medicd – your professional credentialing services partner. Efficient credentialing services from Medicd help healthcare practices reduce the processing time by up to 20 percent – ensuring faster and timely practice revenue. At Medicd, we take care of compliance requirements. Our team performs regular follow-ups for the smooth enrollment of our partner providers. Our effective medical billing credentialing services team helps provider practices get more patients.

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Why Choose Medicd for Provider Credentialing Services?

Credentialing is the starting point of a healthcare practice or a medical facility, and credentialing specialist services lay the foundation of your practice’s relationship with insurance companies and patients. Medicd offers insurance credentialing specialist services near you to healthcare systems and hospitals. Our expert credentialing team obtains and negotiates contracts with insurance payers, in addition to making sure that all of your facility and physician’s contracts remain up-to-date. Let our credentialing experts assist in building your professional relationships with insurance providers and patients, facilitating you to serve even more patients. Consequently, you can serve patients better and achieve the highest reimbursement rates.


Our medical billing starts from @2.95% of your monthly collections.
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Embrace the Change with Medicd as your Credentialing Specialist

MedICD facilitates online Medicare enrollment and vendor credentialing services. We completely understand and are experts in all the procedures and policies that payers need. Furthermore, tracking of re-credentialing deadlines and completion of the entire process each time the provider needs it. Additionally, as your credentialing services partner, our team is fully aware of the latest rules in credentialing and payer requirements.

What can Medicd Do for Your Practice?

  • Save you Time, and let you Focus on Core Areas
  • Dramatically Reduce Excessive Paperwork
  • Ensuring Full and Swift Payments
  • Constant Follow-Ups
  • Instantaneous Access to all Portals

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Provider Credentialing is an Important Component

Provider credentialing is an important aspect as healthcare practices offering services that can’t be billed are not sustainable or feasible for a medical facility. Professional credentialing services ensure that the healthcare provider meets all required standards of the medical facility and its payer companies. Additionally, it is important to identify the risk factors early on in the process to reduce the risks of any negative outcomes. Further, credentialing is the best way to improve a practice’s PR for gaining patients’ trust and attracting new patients. Lastly, while credentialing is time-taking, however, it protects your practice revenue. In addition to that it also limits risks of potential losses, and significantly boosts your practice’s reputation among patients and payers.

Medicd's Credentialing & Re-Credentialing Services

The insurance credentialing specialist team at Medicd maintains continuous expertise in the provider credentialing process. Equally important is staying abreast of frequent changes in the industry, credentialing trends, and even payer requirements. As specialists in the field, we facilitate the entire credentialing process from start to finish. Our team takes on all of the responsibilities that normally would fall on your in-house staff. Outsourcing credentialing specialist services frees up your team to focus solely on the more important tasks of the trade – patient care.

Here is What MedICD Does For You

Below is a systematic overview of what you stand to gain while partnering with MedICD’s provider credentialing services:

Detailed Data Collection of Credentialing

Our credentialing specialists assist your practice in gathering vital demographic and background information.

Assistance in CAQH Enrollment

We ensure smooth CAQH enrollment and offer ongoing profile support for our partner practices.

Application Submissions

Our team also ensures the timely preparation of all necessary documentation before the submission of applications to the payers.

Continuous Communication

Management of all follow-up activities in addition to the tasks, including verifications and communication with payers companies.

Outsource Credentialing Specialist and Medical Billing Services to Medicd

We are a proud team of some of the most experienced credentialing experts in the industry. It takes over 10,000 working hours in a particular field to become an expert. What’s more, our credentialing specialists have dedicated their professional careers to provider credentialing and medical billing services. Moreover, we offer credentialing and re-credentialing services to both small and large-scale medical practices, including even larger healthcare systems. Our motto is to ensure that medical providers focus more on serving patients without having to worry about the time-consuming and complex enrollment and credentialing processes.

Privileges for Partner Practices at Medicd

Following are some of the key benefits you can expect by outsourcing to us:

Quicker Turnaround

With over two decades of significant involvement in provider enrollment, our experts know the ins and outs of the industry. Furthermore, our credentialing specialist team knows what to do and who to get in touch with – facilitating faster and best results for your practice.  

Tracking Advancements

In addition to getting the fortnightly reports, equally important is to survey the advancement of every credentialing process. It helps your practice to know where you stand and also what to look after any pending enlistment.

Our Enrollment Checklist

MedICD successfully enrolls the following:

Primary Care

Urgent Care


Medical Equipment

We also work with all insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, Involving Demographic updates and closed panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provider credentialing is a process of establishing and verifying the qualifications of licensed medical providers. Furthermore, it also involves accessing their legitimacy and background.

The process involves the following:

  • Verification of Licenses
  • Verifying malpractice insurance
  • Verifying college degrees
  • Background Checks

Outsourcing the credentialing process can help medical practice avoid losing money due to denied or delayed reimbursements. Furthermore, outsourcing the process means the medical staff has additional time to focus on patient care.

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